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Prayer to Wear the Armor of God

Heavenly Father, Oh Gracious One,

We are aware that the devil will always try to take our peace and torment us through his scheming ways, targeting our mind using his weapons of lies against us.

Help us in our daily walk to "Put on the full armor of God." Ephesians 6 tells us stand firm with the belt of truth, our breastplate of righteousness, our shoes of peace, our shield of faith, our helmet of salvation and sword of spirit; however Forgiveness and Praise is not listed in this. Forgiveness and Praise are powerful weapons. Jesus you teach us to forgive daily and when we focus on praising you, it helps to build a stronger relationship with you.

Through people we will experience either our greatest pains or our greatest pleasures in life. Jesus we pray in your name as you are the Prince of Peace to please help those stuck in a very difficult emotional storm. We know you endured suffering for us and we Thank You for that! Help us to embrace times of suffering without losing faith in you, without becoming angry towards others, without becoming bitter but only better as we let the holy spirit guide us through it.

We must refuse to become a victim or prisoner in our own mind. We need to let go of all bitterness, unforgiveness and reliving any hurt caused onto us and just give it to you Father. Give us the strength to forgive those who caused us pain and to anyone who has experience pain from us, give them the strength to also forgive just the way you did Jesus. Forgiveness will help to set us free. It will help to bridge gaps where there has been division between family, friends and people. Forgiveness allows us to walk into new levels of blessings. Jesus we celebrate in your name for the relationships that have been restored.

For times when people try to cause storms in our soul, let us not be quick to react to them but instead give it to you. Help us to listen to each other with open hearts and to communicate with wisdom and humility so when we do respond, we can do so in a way that honors you. Let there be healthy boundaries where needed. Let us heal all our emotional wounds so we can praise you when the storm passes.

We know it's okay for us to have days where we are not okay but let us be thankful for another day of life and to lead us step by step as we conquer through the day focusing on You. In Jesus, your precious name, we pray. Amen.

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