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Armor of God - Ephesians 6:11-18 (My Bible Scrapbook Page)

It’s essential that we be clothed right to be battle ready. Everyday wake up to put on the full armor of God; this will help you to carry through your day knowing the Lord has prepared us with the right tools.

The Devil tries to trick us into believing we can’t trust God or that God doesn’t really love us. Satan will do anything to get us to stop trusting and obeying God. He pretends to be friendly like in the garden of Eden when he tricked Adam and Eve into trusting him instead of God but what Satan really wants is to destroy us.

Good news is God has given us armor to defend against all the devil’s attack. If you’re going to be in a battle, you have to have the right equipment.

1) Belt of Truth – You must begin with the truth; God’s Word is true. We can be reminded of what God says when we read our bible, pray with God’s word and memorize the truth for quicker access when you need it; this will help to not believe Satan’s lies.

2) Breastplate of righteousness – Righteousness protects the heart, by making the right choices, though we are not perfect (only Jesus is), by obedience to God’s ways we are more likely to not be tempted to fall into sin.

3) Gospel of Peace – We must tell people the good news about Jesus, his forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ as this produces peace. The gospel of peace keeps our feet anchored and standing firm.

4) Shield of Faith – Christian’s need to regularly stay connected to God’s Words to not lose our faith in God.

5) Helmet of Salvation – Salvation comes from when we place our trust in knowing that Jesus died as the penalty for our sins and raised again to bring us justification. We are justified through faith. The devil targets our minds with his lies, this is a spiritual battle being fought.

6) The Sword of the Spirit – is the word of God, the bible.

No matter how hard the Devil tries to drag us to his side, he won’t be able to as long as we are wearing our armor day and night because God gave us this to stand strong.

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