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~ Scrapbooking pages on Forgiveness ~

The great symbol of the cross represents the two directions of forgiveness.

The vertical beam represents the forgiveness that we all need to receive from God.

The horizontal beam represents our relationships with others. The forgiveness we need to receive from others and the forgiveness we need to give to others.

Through people we will experience either our greatest pains or our greatest pleasures in life. Jesus, we pray in your precious name as you are the Prince of Peace to please help all stuck in very difficult emotional storms, where unforgiveness lies in one’s hardened heart. We know that you died as the penalty for our sins, Thank You that through your death and resurrection our sins are forgiven; please give those the strength to forgive and obey your Words. Protect us from the enemy bombarding one’s mind with memories of the hurts and betrayals and instead be reminded that you can heal our wounds.

Let us give it ALL to you so we can say good bye to bitterness, strife, disharmony, hatred, war and say hello to reconciliation, peace, harmony, understanding and fellowship.


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